Water Infrastructure

Our Water Infrastructure team focuses on the specific area of complementing the efforts of the water supply authorities in providing safe, treated and clean water to the general population in need.

Using the latest, most advanced and practical technology, deriving from in depth scientific and technological know-how and experience, water from the toughest source quality is treated and delivered efficiently for safe consumption.

The milestone of the Chemsain’s Water Management System is the completion of the Chemaqueous® Membrane Water Treatment Plant. The heart of the treatment plant is the advanced membrane columns, design and specification of which was selected by our team of engineers to suit the requirements and conditions of water quality in Malaysia. The membrane treats raw water from any water sources, from clear mountainous water to peat swamp water.

The quality of water treated is in compliance to all industry regulators, the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, the State Health Department and complies with the World Health Organization (WHO) drinking water standard.

With modern technologies, long-term experience & expertise and a comprehensive range of services, Chemsain’s is set to be the ideal partner for water services, from water authorities, operators to individual households to multinational players.

Water Services Offered :
  • Water Resource Assessment, Management, Abstraction
  • Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Supply and Delivery – Control, Management and Supervisory Functions
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Procurement, Engineering Design, Assembly, Control and Instrumentation, Remote SCADA, Web-based Access
  • River Water Realignment, Rehabilitation, Regeneration and Regularization (R4T)
Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and Consultancy Services
  • Advise Customers, Clients, Business Partners and Fellow Consultants, including Governmental End-Users on
  • Available services in Water Engineering, Science, Businesses and Management, including Wastewater Treatment
  • Best Available Technology Not Entailing to Excessive Cost (BATNEEC) in assuring businesses & regulatory needs in water abstraction, storage, treatment and supply
  • Professional handling of water projects and permitting procedures
  • Professional Logistics of Packaged Water Treatment Plant & transportation
  • Expert support in Legal framework of Water Business, Management
  • Site Water Inspection & Assessment – Quality Assurance and Technical Integrity
Water and Wastewater Treatment & Disposal
  • FEED and Consultancy Services for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant
Water and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals
  • Treatability Studies
  • Process Analytical Services
Location Contact Person Email
P. Malaysia, Sarawak, Sabah Encik Mohammad Bin Siphon mohd.siphon@chemsain.com

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