Chemsain laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited and have established themselves as one of Malaysia's leading analytical laboratories. Chemsain laboratories provide a wide range of testing services in environmental, industrial, oil and gas, industrial hygiene, ambient air, food, palm oil and palm oil product and others

Chemsain houses skilled chemists, microbiologists, various modern laboratory equipments and maintains a rigorous QA/QC plan to keep up with ever-growing market demand for quality analytical services. All tests are performed in accordance with ASTM, USEPA, APHA, NMAM, OSHA, AOAC, USFDA, AS, MS, DOE, UOP and other approved test methods and standards.

Chemsain Laboratories have participated in numerous proficiency programmes organised by Department of Chemistry Malaysia, Agriculture Laboratory Association of Malaysia (AgLAM), Proficiency Testing Australia, ASTM Proficiency Testing Program, in a continuous effort to obtain accreditations and certifications which ensure the highest standard of quality with reliable, accurate and consistent delivery of results by its laboratories.

Chemical Testing
  • Marine Water / Ground Water / Potable Water
  • Industrial Effluent / Sewage Discharge
  • Chemical Exposure / Industrial Hygiene
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Food & Preservatives
  • Soil / Fertilizers
  • Palm Oil
Oil & Gas Testing
  • Crude Oil & Petroleum Feedstock
  • Natural Gas
  • Lube Oil / Transformer Oil
  • Biodiesel / Diesel Fuel
  • Aviation Fuel
  • Formation Water
  • Pigging Debris
Location Contact Person Email
P. Malaysia Mr. Suresh Kumar
Sarawak, Sabah Mr. Sim Hang Thiew

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