ECOSAN for Pulau Mamutik

Location : Pulau Mamutik, Sabah

Construction of an Ecological Sanitation Systems

Following the pioneering footsteps of several successful Ecological Sanitation (ECOSAN) wastewater treatment systems in Sarawak, the first ECOSAN system in Sabah was built in November 2010 on Mamutik Island Resort. The project was initiated by the Sabah Parks with the aim to treat the sewage and sullage to a higher standard before discharging into the sea.

The ECOSAN treatment system was constructed adjacent to the island’s existing sewage treatment plant, which did not provide adequate treatment of the incoming sewage. Partially treated effluent is directed into a pump pit via gravity and pumped into an on-site bio-filter system and constructed wetland for further treatment. The polished effluent is then directed to a man-hole prior to discharging into the open sea. Great care was taken to “landscape” the treatment system to ensure it blends in with the green tropical surroundings. This system has been operational and is currently monitored for its treatment efficiency.