Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for PCML Offshore Exploration Drilling Campaign, Block M12, Offshore Myanmar

Client : PC Myanmar (Hong Kong) Limited

Location : Block M12, Offshore Myanmar

Start Date (Month/Year)

September 2013

Completion Date (Month/Year)

January 2014

Narrative Description of Project :

PCML is primarily involved in Oil and gas exploration activities in offshore Myanmar and is expected to under two (2) exploration wells drilling campaign at Block M12 which is situated about 300 km Northwest of Mergui Port.

The environmental studies to be carried out at the drilling sites will be used to determine the current status of the environment prior to its proposed drilling operations. PCML has indicated the proposed sampling location of the two wells and have assumed that the locations of the two wells are in proximity of each other with a distant of not more than 30km away from each other.

In order to comply with the Environmental Conservation Law 2012 and MIC Notification No.1/2103, PCML intends to undertake an EIA for the exploration drilling activities to predict and assess the impact to the surrounding environment and devise relevant and practical mitigation measures.

Key Project Elements :

The key project elements included the following :

    • Stakeholder engagement process that is undertaken through the EIA process, allowing the interested and affected parties to fully understand the project activities and the potential implications on the natural and social environment, and to enable them to identify and raise issues of concern that should be considered in the EIA.
    • Oil spill modelling from the well closest to sensitive receptors and diesel spill from the same location using a three-dimensional model, SIMAP (Spill Impact Mapping and Assessment Program).
    • Assessment of the potential identified impacts based on the project activities which consist of Rig Mobilisation Stage, Drilling, Well Completion and Appraisal / Testing Stage and Decommissioning and Abandonment Stage.
    • Preparation of an EMP which specifies mitigation measures required to reduce the extent and severity of potential impacts and indicates additional plans that are required to be in place prior to the onset of drilling, such as plans for Waste Management, Emergency Response and Oil Spill Contingency Plans.