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Chemsain Konsultant Sdn. Bhd. traces its history back to 1984 when it was first incorporated on 19th November, founded by Mr. Chan Woon Peng, formerly Director of the Chemistry Department, Sarawak. The Company was set up to provide laboratory services to the public. Later, the supply division was formed when there was a need for laboratory chemicals and equipment which were difficult to source. In the early 1990s, the company also started to cater for the needs of environmental services and develop other core businesses related to the same field. Nowadays, the Company is well established to provide laboratory services, supply of laboratory and scientific/medical equipment, and scientific and engineering consultancies including environmental studies.

The head office is situated at Wisma Ko-Perkasa, Jalan Simpang Tiga, Kuching, Sarawak with nine (9) branch offices in Brunei, Bintulu and Miri in Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Subang Jaya, Kemaman, Bukit Jelutong, Penang and Johor Bahru in Peninsular Malaysia and Labuan (Federal Territory).

Currently, the Company consists of five (5) divisions, namely Finance & Administration, Consultancy, Supply, Monitoring, and Laboratory, which are led by respective Divisional Managers. The chemical and microbiological laboratories of Chemsain Konsultant Sdn Bhd are very well-equipped and accredited by the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia (SAMM) under ISO/IEC G25 in 1994 and then later change to ISO/IEC 17025. It was the first commercial laboratory to achieve the ISO recognition in East Malaysia. This international recognition has helped to boost the Company’s confidence and capabilities ever since. The chemical laboratory has also been bestowed the Institut Kimia Malaysia Quality Award for Chemical Laboratories since 1986. It was also the FIRST and ONLY laboratory in Malaysia to be awarded the IKM Laboratory Excellence Gold Award in 2001, and the Platinum Award in 2006.

Chemsain Konsultant Sdn Bhd is registered with the Department of Environment(DOE), Petroliam Nasional Bhd. (PETRONAS), Unit Pendaftaran Kontraktor Negeri(UPK) and Federal Treasury. To date, the Company is a very well-known scientific and environmental company in Malaysia.

The strength and capabilities of the Chemsain is also due to the dedicated workforce of over 400 professional and other staff, which include chemists, microbiologists, environmental and agricultural scientists, civil, chemical, environmental and mechanical engineers, accountant, economists as well as a full range of supporting personnel.

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The Sabah Cabinet launched on April 12, 2017 its “Sabah State Policy on the Environment” written by a team of Chemsain inhouse and external specialists. The policy was originally finalised in 2013 but has awaited the formulation of action plans and a monitoring master plan before being launched.

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S&R Club Activity - Gunung Gading Hike

1st October 2016 marked the day Chemsain S & R Club Kuching had its first outdoor activity to Gunung Gading National Park with a total of 37 participants....

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